Who is eligible for UESP

Participants must meet certain eligibility requirements that are set by the state and federal governments under the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • Individuals who are 55 years of age or older.
  • Residents of the Upham’s Elder Service Plan service area that includes Roxbury, Mission Hill, Fenway, South End, Back Bay, South Cove, Beacon Hill, Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, South Boston, Mattapan, Brookline Village, Hyde Park and Roslindale (please see Service Area below for specific neighborhood zip codes).
  • Certification by the state screening agent that the applicant meets nursing facility clinical criteria.
  • Must have the ability to safely live at home with UESP support services


Cost Sharing

The Upham’s Elder Service Plan is funded by Medicare and Medicaid.

An individual that has Medicaid, based on income, may be required to pay a monthly spend-down payment to the Upham’s Elder Service Plan. Cost sharing requirements may apply.

An individual that is not eligible for Medicaid and/or Medicare may also enroll on a private-pay basis. The payment arrangements are discussed during the initial meeting of the potential participant, family caregiver and UESP Enrollment Coordinator.

Service Area – Zip Codes & Neighborhoods

The service area of Upham’s Elder Service Plan defines the neighborhoods in Boston and Brookline that UESP is able to serve. People living in these neighborhoods can be considered for enrollment in the UESP Program. These communities are listed by zip code.

02108 – Boston
02109 – Boston
02110 – Boston
02111 – Boston
02114 – Boston
02115 – Boston
02116 – Boston
02118 – Roxbury
02119 – Roxbury
02120 – Roxbury
02121 – Dorchester
02121 – Dorchester
02122 – Dorchester
02124 – Dorchester
02125 – Dorchester
02126 – Mattapan
02127 – South Boston
02130 – Jamaica Plain
02131 – Roslindale
02136 – Hyde Park
02210 – Boston
02445 – Brookline



Enrollment is a 3-phase process:

  • A UESP Enrollment Representative makes a home visit to meet the potential participant and caregiver.
  • The potential participant visits the UESP – PACE Center at least twice, once with a caregiver.
  • The potential participant and caregiver return to the Center to finalize the care plan and sign the enrollment agreement.

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