Every donation makes a difference.

Your support helps us continue our mission to offer high-quality, affordable health care tailored to meet the cultural, language, and access needs of the vibrant and diverse community of North Dorchester and its surrounding neighborhoods in Boston, Massachusetts.

And, your gift greatly impacts our care for our patients, program participants, and community members in many ways, including our ability to:

  • Respond to immediate public health issues, such as COVID-19.
  • Create new patient care, service, and communications to enhance the overall patient experience.
  • Provide dental and eye care to children and families.
  • Address food security issues, including enhancing our “Fair Foods” initiative of issuing food vouchers to purchase fresh produce for a low cost.
  • Expand our art groups and excursions for our PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) participants.
  • Grow the number of health education, wellness, and outreach programs.
  • Increase resources available to our patients and participants at our locations and with our community partners.

Sustaining Gifts: Please consider a recurring monthly gift, which provides continuous support for our services and programs.

Memorial Gifts: You may make a donation in honor of a patient, participant, or provider.

Matching Gifts: Ask your employer if your company has a matching gift program. The amount of your donation may be eligible to be matched by your employer, increasing the generosity of your support.

For more information about philanthropy opportunities: Please contact Jenna Tonet at [email protected] or 617-825-9205 x8738.

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Ways to Give

Online, using the link below

One-time Gifts

Recurring, Monthly Gifts

Matching Gifts

Memorial Gifts

If you prefer, you may mail a check (made payable to Upham’s Corner Health Committee, Inc.) to:

Upham’s Corner Health Center
Attention: Jenna Tonet
500 Columbia Road
Dorchester, MA 02125