Each Upham’s Corner Health Committee, Inc. program, including Upham’s Corner Health Center, Upham’s Elder Service Plan and Upham’s Home Health Care, maintains its own Grievance Reporting Protocol to allow patients/participants of that program to express dissatisfaction (Including, but not limited to: dissatisfaction toward the treatment, service, lack of service, or respect for property or self that he or she feels entitled to; feels that their privacy has been violated; or feels that they have been discriminated against).

All grievances/complaints filed by patients/participants (or caregivers or family members of patients/participants) are investigated in a prompt, equitable and thorough manner; and, the person filing the grievance/complaint will be informed of the resolution.  The grievance form for each program is available below.

Upham’s Corner Health Center

you can submit a grievance by clicking the link below

Grievance Form