Congratulations to Susan Cavanaugh, Clinical Director of the
Upham’s Elder Service Plan On Her Retirement

Susan Cavanaugh, Clinical Director of the Upham’s Elder Service Plan/PACE, was recently recognized for her dedication and commitment to the PACE Program.  Susan worked at PACE for the past 16 years and was a great support to the staff and always an advocate for PACE participants. The staff recently celebrated her years at PACE during a retirement party. The health center and PACE program wish her the very best in her retirement. She will be missed.

Pictured Above: Susan Cavanaugh and Jay Trivedi, CEO of Upham’s Corner Health Center at Sue’s Retirement Party. January 2018


Reception/Support Services’ Shining Stars

Congratulations to Reception/Support Services’ Shining Stars for Quarter 1, Ana and Monica! These two have worked tirelessly and it has shown in their performance, dedication, and diligence in carrying out their duties and in advancing the goals and mission of the health center. We are proud to have you two as part of our team and the face of the health center!

shining stars

Monica and Ana (left side of each picture) are pictured here with their supervisors, Yvette and Shonna, respectively

Congratulations to Medical Assistant Virginia, who is retiring after 29 years at Upham’s Corner Health Center.
We thank you for your service and will surely miss you!


Virginia is pictured here with Dr. Elise Henricks, Medical Director and Jay Trivedi, CEO

Click here for the entire article about our Executive Director, Edward Grimes’, upcoming retirement

grimes article

dorchester reporter

letter to editor

dorchester reporter

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Happy Retirement to Dr. Orlando Lightfoot!

UCHC had a bittersweet retirement celebration for our beloved Dr. Orlando Lightfoot on July 1, 2015.  A seasoned Provider, UCHC had the privilege of Dr. Lightfoot  serving as our Psychiatrist in our Behavioral Health program. Dr. Lightfoot is an great man with a strong commitment to our community.  We wish him the best of luck in his retirement!


Scenes from our retirement celebration

Thank You to Karen Mereciano, RN for Outstanding Work!

Karin Mereciano RN

UCHC extends a special Thank You! To Karin Mereciano, Primary Care RN for her outstanding work contributing to UCHC successfully passing our recent DPH site visit for our Immunization and Vaccine Management Program. This program has various layers of tasks and compliance requirements that need daily attention and Karin assists with some of those tasks. She works tirelessly with supervisor and colleagues to ensure our daily compliance standards are met. We commend her for outstanding contribution in this effort and for her on-going commitment to our Vaccine Management Program!

Upham’s Corner Health Center Participates in the 2015 Dorchester Parade!

dot parade

Congratulations to the Team Upham’s Dot Day Parade Walkers. Medical Director Elise Henricks, Dr. Zuzana Mendez and her Dental staff walkers, Lucine Jules and Jennifer Modliszewski, of Home Care, Roksana Pirog, Margaret Mahoney, Dianna Mendoza, Rose Depina, and Webert Vaval of UESP, and their family and friends all attended and made the walk a success.

A thousand pieces of UCHC literature handed out, 3.2 miles walked, and 17 pounds of candy tossed later, the walkers gathered at 1140 and enjoyed an early but well-deserved dinner.

Great job team!


UCHC Staff member Ivette DePina was featured in “the Massachusetts League of Community Health Center’s Link Newsletter


the link_depina“Ivette Depina says the best part of her job is seeing patients happy. Ivette, a Benefits Coordinator and Certified Application Counselor (CAC) at Upham’s Corner Health Center in Dorchester, and the three other CACs at Upham’s Corner recently transitioned from submitting mostly paper applications to helping patients submit online applications at Originally, they had been hesitant to use the online application because of concerns with the identity proofing process; however, after becoming increasingly frustrated with the follow-up needed when submitting paper applications, they decided to make the transition. Although it took a while and created some initial stress, Ivette explained that the team ultimately established a schedule for two staff to process paper applications and follow-ups and two to take walk-ins and do online applications.

For other health centers looking to increase online application usage, Ivette suggests: “It just takes some time and practice. Once you get used to doing online you’re not even going to want to do paper applications anymore. Be patient and keep trying.” Commenting about how patients feel about doing the application online, Ivette added: “Patients have been happier with the online process. They know right away what they’ve been approved for and we can help them enroll right then. We can tell them right away what verifications they need to submit and we’re able to reduce patients coming back with questions about notices but if they do, we tell them ‘Just call us. We can help you.'”

Ivette, who speaks Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole and Spanish, started working at Upham’s Corner eight years ago, ” This was my first job. I like what I do! I love helping people.” Ivette looks forward to continued system improvements, “I’m so happy with immediate eligibility determination. I can’t wait for the assister portal-it will be great to help the patients.”

Thank you to Ivette, the CACs at Upham’s Corner and all health center assisters for their continued hard work and care in helping Massachusetts residents gain and retain health coverage.”