Our Mission

The mission of the Upham's Corner Health Center consists of a commitment to provide high quality, low cost, culturally sensitive, community-based health and social services to the residents of North Dorchester and adjacent neighborhoods.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive health and social services of the highest quality that are AFFORDABLE, physically and culturally accessible, delivered in a dignified manner, and have a positive effect upon the client's well - being. The Upham's Corner Health Center is a non-profit, organization. UCHC's IRS FORM 990 information is posted on the Web at www.guidestar.org.

The Upham's Corner Health Center is organized to provide comprehensive, personalized and CONTINUOUS health services. The goal of the health center is to provide each patient with primary care in comfort and convenience. Each registered patient is assigned a personal primary care provider and a clinical care team. The provider and care team work together to provide ongoing care and coordinate specialty services and inpatient care as required.

The health center physicians follow patients in need of hospitalization and participates in treating them in the hospital setting. Boston Medical Center provides the major hospital support for specialty consultation and inpatient care. UCHC's medical records and communication flow are maintained between the health center and hospitals. Medical records are filed by family to facilitate family-centered coordination of services.

 *Upham’s Corner Health Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and receives federal support through its designation as a Section 330 community health center. Upham’s Corner Health Committee, Inc. is covered by the Federal Claims Tort Act (FTCA).

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